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Post-Divorce Checklist: Are You Really Done?

Based on a survey of family law attorneys, this educational presentation from Divorce Alliance will include a checklist of areas financial professionals should be reviewing to ensure that everything documented in the divorce process will be carried out. This list will encompass:

  • Division and Retitling of Assets
  • Estate Planning
  • Financing for new residence
  • Post-divorce budgeting
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Beyond Basics: What Every CDFA Professional Needs to Know About QDROs Today (and Why)!

To remain competitive in today's market CDFAs need to know more than just the QDRO basics. Drawing on over 20 years of experience preparing QDROs for Michigan and Illinois attorneys, Jacki Roessler will guide you through the most critical ways CDFAs can add value to cases. This webinar will cover topics that include understanding the difference between private and public sector plans, assisting with Discovery and Retirement Plan research, a deep dive into survivor benefits, coverture fractions, addressing non-qualified plans and more!


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Understanding Divorce-Related Mortgage Issues

When a divorce settlement involves real estate and mortgage financing, the complexity can increase exponentially. Failure to consider and account for these complexities can not only impact your clients ability to finance an existing marital residence but also affect your clients ability to purchase a home as the move onto the next phase of their life.

This presentation will cover the basics of identifying and managing the real estate components of a separation and divorce. The major topics range from titling to structuring maintenance to credit scores. Be ready to provide your clients guidance on what could be the largest investment of their life.

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Outcomes for Dependent Spouses with Alimony and Self-Efficacy

What effect does alimony have on outcomes for dependent spouses? What is the primary driver of success for dependent spouses after divorce? Examining the history of spousal support in the context of current research, this webinar will explain the origins of spousal support, how it has evolved, and the current sate of outcomes for dependent spouses. Information will be provided to CDFA professionals on how they can use current research to inform their conversations with clients and guide them to a successful future. You will be provided suggestions on how support can be more dynamic and how the CDFA professional can model future outcomes for their clients, but also provide information to a supporting spouse and their attorney, which may assist with negotiations.

Updates in the Division of Military, Civil Service, and State Pensions in Divorce

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One of the most complicated and confusing financial topics in divorce is the division of military and civil service pension plans. This presentation will walk you through the basic rules and requirements for division as well as explore many of the loopholes and areas of current dispute including plans affected by the "Catch 62", survivor benefit election, waiver of benefits and disability pension benefits. In addition, this session will describe how the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2017, signed by President Obama on December 23, 2016, included a provision (Section 641) that dramatically changed the division of military retired benefits. Don't miss this enlightening session coming to a Divorce Alliance Chapter near you.

How Tenable is your Pension Valuation?

  • Gerard Zielinski
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Just how tenable is your pension valuation? Join Gerard Zielinski of Divorce Financial Solutions as he discusses when and why a pension valuation is needed in divorce. He will also review the factors and assumptions that affect a pension valuation. Join us as we take a deep dive into these complex issues.

  • Elizabeth Hutchison
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Executive Compensation and the Unexpected Issues

Elizabeth Hutchison, CPA, CDFA discusses executive compensation and the unexpected issues and complexities that arise when handling compensation in the context of divorce.

  • Rolando Garcia
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Cross-Border Tax Issues Affecting Clients in Divorce

Rolando Garcia, J.D. discusses the complex tax issues related to divorce in cross-border families, including identifying the unique income, estate, and gift tax issues prevalent in these cases; common estate planning intake scenarios involving cross-border assets and aspects of multiple citizenship and residency; and risks and planning opportunities for the cross-border family.

  • Pam Friedman
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After the Final Settlement: Post-Divorce Checklists and Business Development Opportunities

Whether a CDFA professional was involved in divorce financial planning prior to the settlement or not, this is an opportunity for CDFA professionals to show off financial planning skills and reveal wealth management opportunities. Pam Friedman, CFP, CDFA shares with us her post-divorce experiences, checklists, and ideas to help you market a post-divorce practice to attorneys and paralegals.

  • Howard Hook
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The Affordable Care Act and Divorce

The Affordable Care Act marked a fundamental shift in how millions of Americans pay for and access health insurance. In this presentation, Michael Boulette, J.D. provides an accessible overview of the ACA and how it affects divorced and separating families. Covering minimum essential coverage, shared responsibility payments, and health care premium tax credits, Michael demystifies the ACA, while helping to explain its practical impact on child support, alimony, and common divorce-related tax issues.

  • Natasha Kendel
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Perils of High Net-Worth Parenting

It may sound improbable, but emotional and psychological outcomes for children from wealthy, educated, two-income households are now below those outcomes for inner-city poor children. This presentation attempts to explain this phenomenon and provide solutions. Additionally, ramifications for high net-worth divorces are discussed.

  • Howard Hook
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Five Biggest Challenges Advisors Face When Dealing with Gray Divorce

There are unique differences between "gray divorce" and divorce at a younger age. Howard Hook, CFP, CPA gives an overview of the five biggest challenges facing older divorcing couples and provides tips on how you, as an advisor, may be able to help your client with each of the challenges.

  • Robin Graine
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How to Act as a Neutral and Settle Cases

Have you ever considered helping husbands and wives settle their divorce case without attorneys calling the shots? In other words, have you ever considered working as a neutral? As a CDFA professional, you may be able to function as a mediator or hire yourself out to mediators as a divorce financial expert, helping couples save money, alleviate drama, and get a good start on their new lives. Robin Graine, JD, CDFA, VA Supreme Court Certified Mediator, will discuss how to comfortably "sit in the middle,"? not get sued, and make money doing it.

  • Michael Kothakota
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Data Visualization for Divorce Financial Professionals

The human brain processes images 700,000 times faster than text, yet CDFA professionals' primary tools are spreadsheets, equations, and numbers. Join Michael Kothakota, CEO of Wolfbridge Financial, to learn how you can use data visualizations to help communicate vital financial information to your clients.

  • Ken Bloch
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Specialized Income Protection in Divorce

Recognizing the need for income protection for individuals involved in domestic relations support issues is key in advising clients. Ken Bloch, CLU discusses the importance of protecting individuals throughout and after the divorce process. An advisor must address the types of disabilities and disability policies; ongoing domestic relations support obligations, whether it be alimony, child support, or both; and long-term considerations such as the development of educational trusts and the specific obstacles facing support for special needs dependents.

  • Karen Sparks
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A House Divided: Analyzing Real Estate Options for the Present and Future

Karen Sparks (J.D., CDFA) discusses the fundamental requirements for different real estate alternatives, the processes involved in implementing these strategies, how software analysis can support your client discussions, and key professionals that can help facilitate client decisions.

  • Dan Hall
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What is the Business Worth? Where to Start

Daniel Hall of the International Society of Business Appraisers gives a lesson in business valuation. For many households today, a substantial portion of the family's net worth may be tied up in a small business owned and operated by the family. This presentation lays the groundwork for considering the valuation assignment.

  • Peggy Tracy
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Select Topics on Tax Saving Ideas

Peggy Tracy (CFP, CDFA, CFE) discusses little-known strategies to help your clients reduce income taxes, including overpaying taxes on alimony; the importance of tax credits after divorce; income-related legal fees; and cost basis calculations.

  • Karen Sparks

Key Areas of Analysis Impacting Marital Standard of Living Reports

Karen (J.D., CDFA) discusses the ins and outs of marital standard of living reports. Topics include the purpose of these reports, how to prepare and lay out the reports, and what client data to include.

  • Jonathan Gorman

Tax Strategies for Small Business

Jonathan (CPA, CDFA) discusses tips for small businesses to minimize their tax exposure while maintaining compliance with IRS requirements. Topics include a discussion on small business tax deductions, tax strategies for new businesses, incorporating your business, and under-utilized tax deductions.

  • Nancy Hetrick

30 Cases in My First Year: Marketing Your CDFA Practice

Nancy Hetrick (CDFA, MAFF) discusses how to build and market your CDFA practice. Topics include networking, volunteer work, educational marketing, and online referral sites.

  • Howard Phillips

Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in Divorce

Retirement assets are usually the first or second largest asset in the marital estate. Howard discusses the most important issues that come up when dividing retirement assets, including 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, pension plans, and 457 plans.